Frequently Asked Questions

What is Baby Name Tips?
Baby Name Tips is a free name dictionary, which contains statistics, origins, usage by gender.

Why total numbers from gender, rank and world spread are different?
Gender and location details are not available for all records.

Where do you have the data from?
All data is picked from public databases or websites including: social websites, census, white pages, genealogy sites, dictionaries.

How can this site help me?
You can use this site to find more information on how to name your baby or about your own name.

There are other baby name websites, why should I use this one?
We have millions of names and we have statistically generated information about languages, gender, locations.
Also you can have some extra fun with anagrams and Out of Context tools.

What are anagrams and how are they generated?
Anagrams are formed by rearranging the letters of a word. Example "Levi" becomes "Evil". They are generated by computer program.

How did you determine ranking?

  • names shorter than 3 characters are not included (Examples: Al, Oz)
  • diactritics, accents and language specific letters are not included (Examples: Günther, Pokémon)
  • names composed of 2 or more words are not included (Examples : Ana-Maria, Jean Jaque)
  • names larger than 15 characters are not included (Examples: Tahiyahortahiyat)
  • data used: social media sites and phone books
For your consideration:
  • When counting, there might be duplicates, there is no way to tell how many John Smiths from Hi5 are the same with John Smiths from LinkedIn.
  • Some people write their first names as surname and vice-versa. It is impossible to tell if that is how their name is like or if there has been a mistake. This means that a couple of Smith, may end up counted as first names.
  • Some words such as "Business" or "Service" may end up in some profiles. This means they may get high in the top, it is impossible to remove all such names completely and there might be actually people carrying such names.
  • Many profanity names were removed, even if they might be legitimate names in some language.

Can I use data from on my site?
Yes, as long as you add reference/link to from each page or document where you use our data.

Do you have another questions?
You can email us: