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tray c racy t cart y arty c cray t
cary t try ca try ac

Similar names

Pracy  Mracy  Gracy  Traci  Sracy  Fracy  Bracy  Jracy  Traacy  Dracy  Cracy 
Tracya  Tracyallen  Tracyan  Tracyand  Tracyane  Tracyann  Tracyanna  Tracyanne  Tracyb  Tracybeth  Tracyc  Tracycarol  Tracyd  Tracydavid  Tracye 


Worldwide popularity rank for Tracy is #357.     [+]

Found 788190 profiles and individuals called Tracy.
Preceded by: Prince(#352), Vladislav(#353), Roy(#354), Virginia(#355), Kyle(#356)
Succeeded by: Katie(#358), April(#359), Melanie(#360), Ismail(#361), Randy(#362)


English 92.5%, French 2.3%, Spanish 2.2%


89% girls
Total checked: 184600 individuals. [+]

Online profiles: 96% females, 4% males, 9945 total
Texas marriage records: 75% females, 25% males, 20415 total
UK records: 100% females, 0% males, 16479 total
US records: 89% females, 11% males, 137753 total
Turkey records: 87% females, 13% males, 8 total


The meaning of Tracy is "Thracius' place".
Origin of Tracy is English.
Tracy as a female name was created as an inside joke as Katherine Hepburn was dating Spencer Tracy (While he was still married) and so the playwright took a then mostly male name and created Tracy Lords as the strong protagonist to the Philidephia Story. This play then movie made Tracy a popular name for females. Then it was remade into a musical - High Society with Grace Kelly (Princess Grace) playing the main character and Tracy became the most popular female name for a few years in the US and UK. (Tracy)

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