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rigor do rood rig odor rig door rig igor rod

Similar names

Fodrigo  Godrigo  Kodrigo  Rodrigu  Rodrige  Lodrigo  Rodriga  Podrigo  Bodrigo  Rodrigi 
Rodrigoberto  Rodrigocezar  Rodrigocunha  Rodrigod  Rodrigodavid  Rodrigode  Rodrigoemanuel  Rodrigoez  Rodrigof  Rodrigogabriel  Rodrigoi  Rodrigoj  Rodrigolima  Rodrigoluis  Rodrigom 


Worldwide popularity rank for Rodrigo is #498.     [+]

Found 588389 profiles and individuals called Rodrigo.
Preceded by: Lera(#493), Connie(#494), Daniil(#495), Beth(#496), Glenn(#497)
Succeeded by: Ron(#499), Yusuf(#500), Jill(#501), Beverly(#502), Gustavo(#503)


Spanish 55.5%, Portuguese 37%, English 6.1%


100% boys  
Total checked: 34927 individuals. [+]

Online profiles: 1% females, 99% males, 15027 total
Texas marriage records: 0% females, 100% males, 2636 total
UK records: 0% females, 100% males, 19 total
US records: 0% females, 100% males, 17242 total
Turkey records: 0% females, 100% males, 3 total


The meaning of Rodrigo is "Famous ruler".
Origin of Rodrigo is Spanish.
The Origin is Probably Ciudad Rodrigo in Spain in the province of Salamanca, close to Portugal. At leastr is where we tracked our fore father who was a Spanish Soldier in the 80 year war with Holland, where he marries my ancestral mother (Eric)
Origin unknown, but the man who made the name famous was Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar (Rodrigo)
The origin of the name Rodrigo is Germanic Visigoths in Spain use Roderick, Roderico and finally Rodrigo. There were two famous Rodrigos in medieval Spain: the one who lost it and the one who fought to recover it (El Mio Cid) (Rodrigo)

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