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plain o piano l plan io pain lo pail on pail no
opal in opal ni nail po loin pa loan pi

Similar names

Kolina  Lolina  Molina  Golina  Folina  Jolina  Rolina  Tolina  Polino  Zolina  Holina  Bolina  Colina  Poline  Volina 
Polinag  Polinaire  Polinak  Polinar  Polinard  Polinardo  Polinares  Polinaria  Polinarija  Polinario  Polinariya 


Worldwide popularity rank for Polina is #275.     [+]

Found 967862 profiles and individuals called Polina.
Preceded by: Danil(#270), Alice(#271), Egor(#272), Jenny(#273), Jim(#274)
Succeeded by: Aaron(#276), Keith(#277), Adrian(#278), Inna(#279), Rafael(#280)


Russian 84.4%, Ukrainian 12.1%, Kazakh 1.8%


98% girls
Total checked: 5956 individuals. [+]

Online profiles: 98% females, 2% males, 4849 total
Texas marriage records: 97% females, 3% males, 34 total
UK records: 100% females, 0% males, 5 total
US records: 99% females, 1% males, 1020 total
Turkey records: 100% females, 0% males, 48 total


The meaning of Polina is "Small".
Origin of Polina is Russian.
Actually, the name is a short version of the Eastern Orthodox saint Apolinaria. (Polina Guslyakova)

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