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clone i oneil c colin e cline o once li
noel ci nice lo lone ci loci ne line co

Similar names

Jicole  Picole  Licole  Nicolu  Kicole  Ficole  Micole  Zicole  Nicolo  Gicole  Ricole  Xicole  Hicole  Bicole  Cicole 
Nicolea  Nicoleai  Nicolean  Nicoleand  Nicoleangela  Nicoleann  Nicoleanne  Nicoleanu  Nicoleas  Nicoleau  Nicoleb  Nicolec  Nicolect  Nicoled  Nicoleddu 


Worldwide popularity rank for Nicole is #91.     [+]

Found 1896624 profiles and individuals called Nicole.
Preceded by: Steven(#86), Nancy(#87), Mohamed(#88), Nikolay(#89), Sara(#90)
Succeeded by: Patrick(#92), Nastya(#93), Amanda(#94), Alyona(#95), Oksana(#96)


English 56.9%, Spanish 15.9%, French 9%


100% girls
Total checked: 536670 individuals. [+]

Online profiles: 98% females, 2% males, 93784 total
Texas marriage records: 100% females, 0% males, 12596 total
UK records: 100% females, 0% males, 1950 total
US records: 100% females, 0% males, 428299 total
Turkey records: 93% females, 7% males, 41 total


The meaning of Nicole is "Victory of the people".
Origin of Nicole is Greek.
Nicole Chauvet is a young American actress. (Nicole Chauvet)

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