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wan k kw an kw na

Similar names

Pwan  Nwan  Kwal  Lwan  Kwaj  Swan  Vwan  Kwab  Rwan  Zwan  Mwan  Fwan  Bwan  Twan  Kwas 
Kwana  Kwanaa  Kwanada  Kwanae  Kwanah  Kwanaja  Kwanakee  Kwanalee  Kwanana  Kwanane  Kwanang  Kwanann  Kwanasha  Kwanasia  Kwanay 


Worldwide popularity rank for Kwan is #8182.     [+]

Found 28455 profiles and individuals called Kwan.
Preceded by: Alfi(#8177), Vitali(#8178), Puneet(#8179), Braden(#8180), Miroslawa(#8181)
Succeeded by: Yudhi(#8183), Ruchi(#8184), Encarnacion(#8185), Jameel(#8186), Gyula(#8187)


Thai 50.6%, English 21%, Chinese 19.7%


69% boys  
Total checked: 1461 individuals. [+]

Online profiles: 64% females, 36% males, 480 total
Texas marriage records: 45% females, 55% males, 62 total
UK records: 63% females, 37% males, 19 total
US records: 12% females, 88% males, 900 total


The meaning of Kwan is "Strong".
Origin of Kwan is Korean.
The written Chinese form of this name is a pictogram of a set of doors with two soldiers standing in front of the doors. The family profession is that of soldiers as indicated by the family name. Through generations of arranged marriages members of this family were bred for physical strength and quick thinking which are qualities desired in the military. As a result, modern Kwan family members are typically good in athletics or business where physical stamina and quick thinking are beneficial. (John Kwan)

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