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yell k lyle k kyle l

Similar names

Pelly  Lelly  Jelly  Velly  Melly  Celly  Gelly  Felly  Zelly  Selly  Relly  Kelli  Helly  Xelly  Delly 
Kellya  Kellyah  Kellyala  Kellyam  Kellyan  Kellyana  Kellyand  Kellyandjames  Kellyandrandy  Kellyandre  Kellyandryan  Kellyane  Kellyann  Kellyanna  Kellyanne 


Worldwide popularity rank for Kelly is #136.     [+]

Found 1520658 profiles and individuals called Kelly.
Preceded by: Jonathan(#131), Edward(#132), Natasha(#133), Joe(#134), Steve(#135)
Succeeded by: Lyudmila(#137), Helen(#138), Karina(#139), Ashley(#140), Valentina(#141)


English 56.3%, Spanish 18.7%, Portuguese 13.3%


90% girls
Total checked: 310926 individuals. [+]

Online profiles: 92% females, 8% males, 33643 total
Texas marriage records: 77% females, 23% males, 27659 total
UK records: 99% females, 1% males, 11287 total
US records: 91% females, 9% males, 238332 total
Turkey records: 100% females, 0% males, 5 total


The meaning of Kelly is "Warrior".
Origin of Kelly is Irish.
Em Kelly is a very common Irish surname. 2nd most common name in Ireland. Kelly is the English for Ó Ceallaigh and means descendant of Kelly, it can also mean warrior or fighter. (SylK)

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