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an j na j

Similar names

Ran  Can  Jac  Zan  Jav  Jak  Jar  Qan  Jal  Lan  Jas  Jag  Tan  Kan  Jap 
Jana  Janaa  Janaad  Janaae  Janaage  Janaah  Janaai  Janaak  Janaake  Janaal  Janaam  Janaan  Janaana  Janaanne  Janaar 


Worldwide popularity rank for Jan is #163.     [+]

Found 1354860 profiles and individuals called Jan.
Preceded by: Brenda(#158), Galina(#159), Francisco(#160), Artem(#161), Teresa(#162)
Succeeded by: Alan(#164), Rebecca(#165), Anne(#166), Heather(#167), Marco(#168)


English 51.2%, Dutch 8.2%, German 7.7%


80% boys  
Total checked: 180955 individuals. [+]

Online profiles: 4% females, 96% males, 138827 total
UK records: 86% females, 14% males, 3330 total
US records: 71% females, 29% males, 38541 total
Turkey records: 11% females, 89% males, 257 total


The meaning of Jan is "God is gracious".
Origin of Jan is Scandinavian.
Jan = gracious??? In belgium (Flanders) Jan is a male name pointing to Johannes (the apostle). I know in USA it's a female name though... (Jan Boeykens)
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