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Similar names

Foly  Toly  Soly  Joly  Roly  Moly  Koly  Poly  Goly  Loly  Zoly  Voly  Holi  Doly  Noly 
Holya  Holyace  Holyak  Holyan  Holyann  Holyanna  Holybee  Holyce  Holycross  Holyd  Holyda  Holyday  Holye  Holyeagle  Holyer 


Worldwide popularity rank for Holy is #8744.     [+]

Found 26338 profiles and individuals called Holy.
Preceded by: Sukh(#8739), Jamshid(#8740), Cloud(#8741), Stalin(#8742), Isak(#8743)
Succeeded by: Arjan(#8745), Oliva(#8746), Namrata(#8747), Danijel(#8748), Amen(#8749)


English 60.6%, French 8.8%, Indonesian 6.8%


59% girls
Total checked: 430 individuals. [+]

Online profiles: 57% females, 43% males, 387 total
Texas marriage records: 71% females, 29% males, 7 total
UK records: 80% females, 20% males, 5 total
US records: 71% females, 29% males, 31 total

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