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francs i cairns f scarf in scarf ni rains cf
narcs if

Similar names

Jrancis  Francic  Crancis  Franciz  Trancis  Prancis  Francir  Grancis  Francin  Francid  Francik  Rrancis  Francim  Francif  Brancis 
Francisa  Francisabel  Francisac  Francisaca  Francisaco  Francisan  Francisane  Francisangela  Francisann  Francisanna  Francisanthony  Francisaura  Francisb  Francisbacon  Francisbel 


Worldwide popularity rank for Francis is #351.     [+]

Found 797733 profiles and individuals called Francis.
Preceded by: Murat(#346), Carolyn(#347), Josh(#348), Bill(#349), Erika(#350)
Succeeded by: Prince(#352), Vladislav(#353), Roy(#354), Virginia(#355), Kyle(#356)


English 65.3%, Spanish 15%, French 12.2%


86% boys  
Total checked: 148646 individuals. [+]

Online profiles: 6% females, 94% males, 32571 total
Texas marriage records: 25% females, 75% males, 7919 total
UK records: 3% females, 97% males, 16655 total
US records: 17% females, 83% males, 91482 total
Turkey records: 5% females, 95% males, 19 total


The meaning of Francis is "Free or from France".
Origin of Francis is Latin.
Professor of Environment and Ecology..; An Ambassador of Ecological Governance , Pollution and Ecological Mitigation.... (Professor Gabriel Francis Akpa)

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