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emanuel m enamel um enamel mu manuel me manuel em
elena mum name mule mule mean mule mane mule amen menu meal
menu male menu lame

Similar names

Emmanuer  Emmanuez  Ammanuel  Emmanuek  Emmanuen  Emmaanuel 
Emmanuela  Emmanuelb  Emmanueldavid  Emmanuele  Emmanueli  Emmanuelina  Emmanuelisa  Emmanuelita  Emmanuelito  Emmanueliza  Emmanuelj  Emmanueljohn  Emmanueljoseph  Emmanuell  Emmanuella 


Worldwide popularity rank for Emmanuel is #469.     [+]

Found 620838 profiles and individuals called Emmanuel.
Preceded by: Timur(#464), Shawn(#465), Esther(#466), Johnny(#467), Jaime(#468)
Succeeded by: Jhon(#470), Erin(#471), Dina(#472), Paulo(#473), Hans(#474)


English 63.2%, Spanish 16.6%, French 15.5%


99% boys  
Total checked: 71165 individuals. [+]

Online profiles: 1% females, 99% males, 42360 total
Texas marriage records: 0% females, 100% males, 2478 total
UK records: 0% females, 100% males, 553 total
US records: 0% females, 100% males, 25766 total
Turkey records: 0% females, 100% males, 8 total


The meaning of Emmanuel is "God is with us".
Origin of Emmanuel is Hebrew.
Of course with this powerful name has many meanings as you said. This handsome name means God is anytime with us. Bye everybody for being mine! (Emmanuel Lopele R)

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