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nailed denial alined lined a laden i
ideal n aline d alien d ailed n

Similar names

Daniet  Zaniel  Danied  Baniel  Maniel  Raniel  Danieh  Haniel  Xaniel  Kaniel  Janiel  Vaniel  Danien  Daniec  Laniel 
Daniela  Danielaa  Danielaana  Danielabel  Danielace  Danielacristina  Danieladam  Danielade  Danieladel  Danieladjei  Danielae  Danielaelena  Danielaf  Danielah  Danielai 


Worldwide popularity rank for Daniel is #15.     [+]

Found 4606648 profiles and individuals called Daniel.
Preceded by: Elena(#10), Andrey(#11), Jose(#12), Mary(#13), Olga(#14)
Succeeded by: Irina(#16), Alexey(#17), Ivan(#18), Tatyana(#19), Mark(#20)


Spanish 39.4%, English 29.1%, Portuguese 9.9%


100% boys  
Total checked: 1484741 individuals. [+]

Online profiles: 1% females, 99% males, 271295 total
Texas marriage records: 0% females, 100% males, 74281 total
UK records: 0% females, 100% males, 33734 total
US records: 0% females, 100% males, 1105271 total
Turkey records: 1% females, 99% males, 160 total


The meaning of Daniel is "God is my judge".
Origin of Daniel is Hebrew.
Wow that's big!!!! (Daniel)
I bet that there are more Daniels in Brazil than in France. (Daniel)
Im coming from Germany, there is the name "Daniel" very famous (Daniel)

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