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christina cristina h chiantis r chaitins r tarnish ci
chitins ra chitins ar christi an christi na

Similar names

Christias  Phristian  Shristian  Khristian  Christial  Christiaan  Vhristian  Christiam  Dhristian  Ghristian  Thristian  Christiah  Christiar  Xhristian 
Christiana  Christianae  Christianah  Christianai  Christianaj  Christianakis  Christianalbert  Christianallen  Christianam  Christianan  Christianar  Christianas  Christianau  Christianb  Christianc 


Worldwide popularity rank for Christian is #124.     [+]

Found 1621153 profiles and individuals called Christian.
Preceded by: Ilya(#119), Stephen(#120), Marie(#121), Ryan(#122), Vlad(#123)
Succeeded by: Ronald(#125), Donna(#126), Kim(#127), Kenneth(#128), Muhammad(#129)


English 42.1%, Spanish 24.2%, French 12.7%


98% boys  
Total checked: 261731 individuals. [+]

Online profiles: 1% females, 99% males, 143245 total
Texas marriage records: 17% females, 83% males, 5342 total
UK records: 3% females, 97% males, 2974 total
US records: 2% females, 98% males, 110143 total
Turkey records: 7% females, 93% males, 27 total


The meaning of Christian is "Christian, disciple of Christ".
the origin is the greek word: Χριστιανος, (baptized in the name of Christ), the opposite of the idolater, in the ancient times. (maria)
of course: The name is very clearly of old GREEK origin. Χριστός - 'christ', Christianos' - 'follower of christ', a programmatic name, indicating a turn towards christianity. During the 1960s - 1980s, it used to be Germany's long-time favourite in male fist names, ranking no. 1 from 1977 - 1987, 2 in 1988, 1 in 1989, 2 in 1990, then gradually having fallen behind some names more globally 'fashionable' (Noah, Elias, and the likes) these days. (Christian)

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