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The meaning of Charles is "Free man".
Origin of Charles is Germanic.
Proud of the association through marriage! (Myrna Forsyth)
1a BEHIND THE NAME PICAULY. By Dr. Charles Picauly. In the early 1600s, when the Dutch seized control of the Moluccas from the Portuguese the original name "Alsopahery Picanusa Latu Pika Uly" was changed into Picauly. About the name Alsopahery. Our great grandfather, King of Kings in Moluccas, name was Ally Alsopahery Picanusa Latu Pika Uly. Ally's nickname was Eliyah. Eliyah loved Alahym, maker of the heavens and the earth. Ally was named after his father King Bin Tabu Ally, he was his second son. The name "Alsopahery" means one father, one mother, one blood. Ally was also called: 1. Warrior of knowledge. 2. Helper of Alahym. Ally was married to Njai Sarena Ritiwakene. They had 1 son and 2 daughters, names are: 1. Pieter Alsopahery (King II). 2. Martha Alsopahery. 3. Magdalena Soputara (Pattianakota). About the Kingdom of King Bin Tabu Ally. King Bin Tabu Ally had nine wives, they were from different (ancient) tribes from Kasdim unto Malacca. His first wife name was Queen Binti Njai Samakusi. King Bin Tabu Ally and Queen Binti Njai Samakusi had 5 sons and 1 daughter. About the Kingdom of Ally Alsopahery Picanusa Latu Pika Uly. Ally (Eliyah) Alsopahery came around 1486 in a jar (see photo) supernatural via Arabia Sea, Bay of Bengal, Strait of Malacca, Sumatra, Java, Borneo to Moluccas. The story is that the brothers and sister of Ally started the first group of Kings in Suli (Pulau Amboina), this was during 1480 when (mother) Persia opened the straight of Malacca (Traders travelled from Arab and Persia across to Malacca Straits), to enter present Indonesia. Ally stranded in Ameth Nusalaut and became the first King of Kings of the Banda Sea. That time Ameth was more inlands for safety reasons, and the people (hindu's) on the islands, who were dark skinned, saw for the first time a man who was dark-light skinned, they were afraid and said kill this dark-light skin man, but the "moyang" (kapitan besar), first warrior of the jungle, said 'no", this man might have knowledge, let us make him a "king". So, they took him up to one of the mountain tops on the island, which they later called the "Huni Latu", the secret place of the King". At this place they made a circle and placed Ally in the middle, then the big bird Rajawali came (protection from the sky), and the big red poisoned snake (protection from the land), and the big sawfish (protection in the sea). When the Portuguese arrived at Nusalaut the inhabitants were afraid, and Alley went to see the Portuguese, they were surprised he was dark-light skinned like most of them. Ally was accepted as King, the Portuguese gave him a golden scepter with a snakehead. About the island Nusalaut. In ancient times Nusalaut was called: 1. Nussahula Wano Tuni Pulau Emas (Island as gold to the earth). Note: Nusalaut was in ancient times 40 times bigger, today there are 38 small islands in the Banda sea without inhabitants and 2 islands with inhabitants. 2. Nusa Hula (Land in the sea). Note: In the middle of the island 2 brothers argued over a Sukun tree, after this angry argument the island broke in 2 parts. The story is that there were 8 negeri on Nusa Hula. Today there are 7. The missing one is Mulaxa, this became the island of Ambelau. Nusalaut and Ambelau have both 7 villages, Ambelau is 100% islam and Nusalaut 100% christian. 3. Nusalaut (Island in the sea). Note: Since the 15th century Nusalaut became and is still 100% Christian today. The story tells that a missionary man called by the name of Ron Kamp made a commitment with the inhabitants of Nusalaut. It was agreed that Ron Kamp's body would be cut into 7 parts, and that each village would eat one part, after this was done, each inhabitant became a Christian. On this mountain the first Christian Church in the Moluccas was build, this mountain top is called "Pusa Pulau". Names of the 7 villages are Ameth, Sila, Nalahia, Leinitu, Titawai, Akoon and Abubu. About the (Rumah Adat) House of the King Ally Alsopahery of the Banda Sea. The original ancient name of the House of the King is called: "Beikapa Kapalatu Samasuru Amalatu" and was on the Huni Latu, the top of the mountain. The house of the (minor) King of Titawai was on the middle of the mountain. The island was split into 2 parts: Ameth: The front door - Ina Lohu - The garden to Pulau Ceram and beyond. Titawai: The back door - Ina Haha - The garden to Pulau Biru and beyond. Strategy during wars was that Ameth always first tried to negotiate with wisdom, when negotiations between the two sides did not worked out and it became to a fight, then Titawai was standby and attacked, they were the army, the warriors. The minor king of Titawai was the older brother, first son of King Bin Tabu Ally, named Movihoul Raka Mayau, who came later with his twin sister Hehanussa to the island of Nusalaut. The story is that when the twin sister Hehanussa married with the King of the island of Haruku, she was not allowed to take her name with her, so her brother King Movihoul Raka Maya changed his name into Hehanussa. The twin sister was called from that time Queen Ceng. Latukonsina. About 36 area Alsopahery - Picauly. From the top of the mountain of the Huni Latu until Ameth there were 36 areas were the family Alsopahery and Berhitu Alsopahery and Kakiailatu Picauly lived, from these areas all princesses married into other Royal Families all over the Banda Sea. All Moluccas families names who starts with PICA are belonging to the Alsopahery (Picauly) family tree. About the structure of the Nusalaut government. 1. King (Raja) (President) (Leader). 2. Soa (Minister) (MPR). 3. Saneli (Head of people) (DPR). 4. Rakyat (People). About the Kings of Nusalaut. King of Kings - Ally Alsopahery Picanusa Latu Pica Uly. Queen - Njai Sarena Ritiwakane, King 2 Pieter Alsopahery Picanusa Latu Pica Uly and Sister 1 Martha Alsopahery and Sister 2 Magdalena Soputara (Pattianakota), Son of Pieter Alsopahery, Berhitu, NO King and Kakiailatu Alsopahery (Picauly) King 3, King 4 Lahakela Picauly, King 5 Taduela Picauly, King 6 Tarihula Picauly, King 7 Alexander Picauly, King 8 Abraham Kakistina Picauly, King 9 Jacob I Picauly, King 10 Marcus Picauly, King 11 Domingus Picauly, King 12 Jacob II Picauly, King 13 Marcus II Picauly, King 14 Zacharias Picauly, King 15 Arnesius Picauly, King 16 Fien Picauly, King 17 Phillips Jhony Picauly (Mandate King Thomas Markus Sopacua, Wimpy Parinussa, Piet Manduapessy). About 1946 King Jacob starts Soa - Rumah Puti. 1. Picauly. 2. Berhitu. 3. Sopacua. 4. Kakyailatu (not same as kakiailatu). 5. Wakono. Note: In 1826 King Jacob Picauly hit Governor v/d Berg in his face, and was sentenced 2 years in prison. The Dutch appointed Berhitu (Sibori Latu) as King (Pica Uly) for 2 years. About 1st and 2nd generation Picauly. 1st Generation. Picauly. Sopacua. Berhitu. Kakiailatu. 2nd Generation. Picauly. Parinussa. About Ameth (Ina Lohu) and Titawai (Ina Haha) Ameth area covers Ina Lohu until Ina Haha. The Titawai area covers Ina Haha until Ina Lohu. The story is Ameth and Titawai were guarded by two brothers. The younger brother Ally Alsopahery, King of Kings, guarded the front side and the older brother Movihoul Raka Raya (later named Hehanusa), the minor King guarded the back side. Since the younger brother Ally Alsopahery was more powerful, he guarded the East side from where the Sun rise and the older brother guarded the West side where the Sun set. Before our ancestors came to Ameth, the village was not named yet. That time it was called Amalatu, which was a part of the old region. If one can see the Big Rocky Mountain (Sapasuru Amalatu/Huni Latu) from the shore this is the old region. That time there was an ancestor, which name was Yohanis Kakihula who guided the route down to the current region. The story is that Kakihula shot an arrow from the old region towards the beach. Both he and the arrow reached the Hula bridge at the same time. About Ameth. Ameth is Hebrew for Truth. The Sigil of Ameth (or Sigillum Dei Aemeth) is best known as the large, complex circular symbol, with six pointed figures and the names of Alahym and various Malakhim inscribed thereon. About our ancient family blood line. Alsopahery - Picauly's are Hebrew Israelites, descendants of Awraham, Yitzchaq and Yaaqob of the tribe of Yahudah. Shalom. (Charles Picauly)

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