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brain rabin rain b bran i barn i
bani r nair b iran b

Similar names

Zrian  Crian  Srian  Krian  Mrian  Briac  Nrian  Briah  Brial  Briad  Briag  Briaan  Grian  Briab  Brias 
Briana  Brianaca  Brianadam  Brianadams  Brianade  Brianae  Brianah  Brianain  Brianaj  Brianalee  Brianaliz  Brianallen  Brianalyn  Brianan  Brianana 


Worldwide popularity rank for Brian is #61.     [+]

Found 2517753 profiles and individuals called Brian.
Preceded by: Dima(#56), Barbara(#57), Sarah(#58), George(#59), Evgeny(#60)
Succeeded by: Charles(#62), Alina(#63), Antonio(#64), Susan(#65), Michelle(#66)


English 68.6%, Spanish 19.2%, Indonesian 4.9%


100% boys  
Total checked: 1025862 individuals. [+]

Online profiles: 1% females, 99% males, 22167 total
Texas marriage records: 0% females, 100% males, 37838 total
UK records: 0% females, 100% males, 100752 total
US records: 0% females, 100% males, 865075 total
Turkey records: 0% females, 100% males, 30 total


The meaning of Brian is "Noble, strong, virtuous; hill".
Origin of Brian is Gaelic.
I've recently met this 'strong one' by the name of Brian and I am not surprised in the least of this meaning.I'm only more in love with this STRONG ONE.. (Audrey)

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